Pick Your Own Apples $20 for a full bushel or $12 for 1/2 bushel

Visit our Apple Varieties page to see what we are currently picking on the Orchard. The page will be updated each Monday to help you decide when to come to pick your favourite apple! Now accepting Interac,Visa and Mastercard.


  1. Hi:
    I was wondering if you could tell me how much a bushel of mac’s are going for this year?

    Thank you,

    • admin

      $30 a bushel already picked. We still have great Macs!!

  2. What type of apples are being picked now and how much is a 1/2 bushel picked versus already picked?

    • admin

      We are currently picking Mac, Empire, Spartan, and Cortland apples. 1/2 a bushel already picked is $18 and if you pick your own its $12. A full bushel already picked is $25 or $20 pick your own.

  3. Pat

    Do you sell grounders, and how much, or crates?

    • admin

      We sell an apple bin full for $80, that fills the box of a truck. Or by the bag for $10

      • What types of apples can be bought by the bin?

        • admin

          The types of apples change depending on what we are sorting for the day

      • How is the bin of apples packaged? In bags?

        • admin

          If you have bags you can bring them or you can purchase bushel bags. The bin has around 20 bushels in it

  4. How long do you predict the apple season to last?

    • admin

      We are open until the end of October for pick your own :)

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